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  1. Yes you can. You can access the LPM levels of MSP430 using Energia.
  2. http://forum.43oh.com/topic/9290-how-to-protect-your-free-code-from-companies-predating-on-it/
  3. Hi, Hi, Some of the users of 43oh might have noted that @@Rei Vilo has pulled out his LCD screen library suite (topic http://forum.43oh.com/topic/3911-energia-library-lcd-screen-library-suite/). Initially it was unclear to me why this happened. Today Rei made it clear after some more people asked where the library had gone. It seems some - which company is not important for this discussion - company had used Rei's work regardless of the fact that in his library Rei had mentioned copyright and licence, Creative Commons, Attribution, Share Alike, Non Commercial and implemented a donatio
  4. Maybe we should get this shared with the complete 43oh community, if we can find out how we can protect our sharing of knowledge and hardwork. Start a specific topic ?
  5. So if anybody starts a new lib like this they should think about the intellectual property rights carefully ! regards Cor
  6. Thats really unfortunate especially because of the work you had put into the library ... But it sounds to me also as a warning for those that develop libraries and like to share their work with others. Thanks for the info cheers Cor
  7. Hi, Unfortunately there was no reply to my earlier request also. But its possible to start building such a suite once again if we put some effort in it. regards Cor
  8. Just seen at www.energia.nu !!
  9. Hi, I am experiencing the same kind of issues, my TM4C1294 works as a hub to the IOT for an RF network of sensors. Sometimes it just stops working and needs to be reset. I am now using a 60second watchdog and this catches the random freezes. cheers Cor
  10. Hi, You can use P1.1 (A1) to P1.4 (A4) But for P1.1, P1.2 you cannot use the UART RX/TX functions when using it for ADC. And P1.3 is connected to the pushbutton on the launchpad. The only ADC without any other function that can be used in combination with the CC110L boosterpack is P1.4. You can easily check this by looking at the pinmap of the G2553 http://energia.nu/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/LaunchPads-MSP430G2-%E2%80%94-Pins-Maps-13-42.jpeg and the CC110L http://energia.nu/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/AnarenCC110LAIRBoosterPackPinMap.jpg regards Cor
  11. Hi, Just seeing this now .. the CC110L generates interrupts when it is receiving. That means your MCU can sleep or do other things. In the energia for the CC110 the interrupt (on GDO0) is set when you start the Radio. Unfortunately its not available to the user. In my code I have disabled the attachinterrupt in the original library to allow my own attachinterupt routine to take over and signal an incoming message. regards Cor
  12. Any reason why its not available anymore ... I never (but I admit not following this topic regular) saw an announcement. Also the website does not state this. regards Cor
  13. @@Rei Vilo It seems that the link to download the library is non-functional at the moment. regards Cor
  14. Hi vitalis, That is surely possible I think for sending nodes. Just send the data, close the radio and put the system to sleep using sleepSeconds(X). Ive programmed most of my nodes thusfar with CCStudio and they are running for many months on 2 AA batteries when sending data once a minute or so, regards Cor
  15. @@cubeberg : did you make/design a rainsensor yourself or "hack" a commercial sensor ? regards CorB
  16. If you use energia you can use visualmicro and visualstudio. If you also program for arduino you can use the same setup. I used to code for arduino using Atmel studio with the visualmicro plugin. When visualstudio started to support the visualmicro plugin I switched to that. You get a full fledged programming editor that works fine with TI boards. cheers Cor
  17. @@cubeberg In my nodes I have added code to increase the interval if the battery goes down. Currently my nodes sleep in LPM3 for 10 seconds, check if they need to send data (based on a programmed interval). Then send or directly go to sleep again. But during winter I see the nodes loosing energy when the sun is less strong and the skies are more often overcast. Without the solar-cell I am sure the nodes would not last that long.
  18. @@Lgbeno, How often do you transmit data from your nodes to get such low average consumption ?
  19. Hi Rob, I checked my 2.4" board and do only see JP1 ... JP6 ... no JP7. Cor
  20. This forum is often a goldmine for these questions: http://forum.43oh.com/topic/2829-reference-voltage-for-analogread/
  21. In the solar-powered Nodes I use the dark days from october to february/,march do have quite an effect. During the wintermonths the average voltage in 2AA batteries fed from my smallestsolarcell(35mmx35mm) drops from about 2.7V to 2.5V. These node however keeps sending data at least once a minute from its DS18B20 sensors. I am using GP 2100mH cells on this one. The sensor where I am using the burnoff is powered by a special solar-cell from a lamp I had laying around, this cell has a pack with 3AA's attached and seems to easily top them up to nearly 4V. See http://www.voltaicsystems.com/blo
  22. Hi, I like the idea of adding a "excess" burner to the code. I was struggling with a small solarpanel with 3xAAA that started to push the charged levels up to 3.9V. Still on the safe edge, my node normally makes the radio (CC110L) go to sleep after sending a small datapack to my RF network. Now above a threshold I dont let the radio sleep anymore and that easily controls the max voltage level. I was nearly going to add an LDO or a Zener to restrict the voltage. Thanks !! Cor
  23. Hi Brey, I am using the boosterpacks mainly in CCS and the code I use is simple and not a maze. But thats because its a library based on (but not exactly) Simpliciti. In that code I can easily set the output to any level possible. cheers Cor
  24. Hi, I have a request to change part of the library. I often have had problems with the library when receiving messages (both on stellaris/msp430). After some really helpfull hints in the forums I managed to get better control on the problem. I am using declared datastructures to send my datapacks around, inside the datastructure I do have u_chars and u_ints. And simply using those doesnt work as planned. It seems the compiler aligns the data in the structure and you get a structure that has its adresses aligned by default byte based but often 2-byte based. The msp430 forum helped me out by
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