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  1. Quote

    client.loop() in the loop function. This call will service any outstanding messages that came in and call your callback


    This polling kind of solution is somehow ruin the whole beauty of using the event handler as it slows down the response to received topics and turns it to be non deterministic as it is dependent on the program flow,

    Is there other way of doing it that would be functioning like a real event handler or interrupt?

    Also, @orpeleg7 nice catch make me wonder if anyone at TI is running the example programs at all, before they are being added to the released libraries?


  2. Hello, I am trying to connect the CC3200 to the Watson IoT by using the CC3200 RegisteredWIFI example.

    I have done it according to the following recipe including modifying the OrganizationID, typeID and deviceID. and authentication token to fit the device that was created on the Watson IoT

    char organization[] = "39hbk4";              //"<replacewithorg>";
    char typeId[] = "iotsample-ti-energia";
    char pubtopic[] = "iot-2/evt/status/fmt/json";
    char subTopic[] = "iot-2/cmd/+/fmt/json";
    char deviceId[] = "000000000000";
    char clientId[64];
    char mqttAddr[IBMSERVERURLLEN];
    int mqttPort = 1883;
    // Authentication method. Should be use-toke-auth
    // When using authenticated mode
    char authMethod[] = "use-token-auth";
    // The auth-token from the information above
    char authToken[] = "6cigl3dCHPN3DGec3Q";  

    But the connection is failing as client.connect(connectData) returns -1 

    Here is what I am getting on the serial monitor:


    You're connected to the network
    Waiting for an ip address
    IP Address obtained:
    MAC Address: F4:5E:AB:A3:E4:19
    deviceId: f45eaba3e419
    Connecting to 39hbk4.messaging.internetofthings.ibmcloud.com:1883
    With client id: d:39hbk4:iotsample-ti-energia:f45eaba3e419
    ipstack connect rc: 1
    ipstack connect rc: 0
    connected to the cloud
    client connect rc: 5
    client connect rc: -1

    While looking for an answer I have seem this post from TI support engineer saying there may be some kind of change from IBM side that breaks the connection



    Not sure if this is a temporary server down or whether IBM changed something in the requirements (for example, only secured connection).

    In any way, I tried the same code with a different MQTT broker who is working with the same port 1883 and it works (at least the connection).

    You can try on your side as well. It is "iot.eclipse.org".



    Did anyone succeeded to make it work and can help? 


    PS: I am able to activate the quickstart version

  3. Hi Rei,

    Thank you for letting me know,

    anyway I have already modified the Adafruit GFX library so it now runs on the CC3200,

    I will publish it as soon as I finish some last cleanups,

    During the process, I have learned about some compilation differences between Arduino and Energia which I'd be happy to share if there is any interest



  4. Thanks Rei,

    I am surprised such a working library doesn't exist as ili9341 is such a common driver so it is a very basic need,

    DOes the (Universal) Color LCD graphics library can serve this purpose?

    I have tried to port the Adafruit_ili9341 library but it doesn't compile,

    First the compiler didn't recognize all the #define statement for functions

    and after I replaced them in the code, it started throwing error messages for not recognizing the Registers names, so I got errors like this one:

    error: 'misopinmask' was not declared in this scope

    I am now trying to rewrite the code by using the SPI.h library, I will update if I get to any useful results,

  5. Is there an Energia library that support ILI9341 running on CC3200 or other simplelink launchpad?

    I was happy for a minute as I found this post by Rei Vilo but then I discovered that the libraries are no more available for download, also I am not sure if they would run on CC3200

    Another related question is: has anyone succeeded to use adafruit GFX libraries for Arduino (I mean with TI simplelink launchpad using Energia)?

    Or what does it take to port the library?

    Any help would be appreciated,




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