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    chiase reacted to chicken in [POTM] dAISy - A Simple AIS Receiver   
    @nazmibojan your radio IC may be toast by now, so you may have to replace it.
    @longjohn119 thank you for the detailed report. My own knowledge about antennas is very basic.
    It's definitely much noisier around here in suburban Seattle.
    Also always interested how the receivers compare to SDRs, as basically it's a very specialized SDR. For a fairer comparison, you could try to add a bandpass filter in front of the SDRs. My 1-channel dAISy has a discrete LC filter built from SMT components, and it holds up surprisingly well to the SAW filter used on other models. In real world tests the advantage of the SAW was maybe 10% more messages.
    An external filtered preamp can help. I observed better range when adding this one in front of the HAT:
    Adding a preamp on-board is still on my to-do list. I did early experiments which resulted in worse reception. However by now I know that the small dAISy is limited by noise from the USB side. I may give it a try with the HAT, which despite the integrated splitter performs as good as the single-channel dAISy, i.e. the design likely has a lower noise floor.
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    chiase reacted to chicken in BeagleBone DLP Projector Cape   
    Here's something new in the "I would like to play with that" category: A pico-projector in the form factor of a BeagleBone Black cape. At $99, the price isn't too bad either.

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    chiase reacted to chicken in [POTM] dAISy - A Simple AIS Receiver   
    Hmm, it's a while since I looked at it in detail. Channel spacing is 50KHz. If I remember correctly, bandpass was set to 20 or 15KHz.
    I stay away from building a transponder as there's a real risk of disrupting AIS traffic if done wrong. But if you want to go down that avenue, check out this project:
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    chiase got a reaction from chicken in [POTM] dAISy - A Simple AIS Receiver   
    Hi Adrian,
    Thanks so much for your reply. I'll try the configuration. I also generate the configure from WDS, but some paramaters I can't know clearly. Is the file that you attached for dAISy HAT?
    Again, thanks so much, Adrian!
    P.s: I also transmitted message AIS successfully. However, I need fix some bugs (such as I only switch from Rx to Tx mode first time. The second switching is failed.) I'll publish it at here when I fix it.
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    chiase reacted to chicken in [POTM] dAISy - A Simple AIS Receiver   
    I apologize for the slow response.
    Besides configuration, severely limited range can be a noise issue. You may introduce noise to the radios with the wires connecting over to the STM32.
    The radio_config.h for the Si4362 should be a good starting point as the EzRadioPRO chips are compatible. You can generate the radio_config files for the Si4467 with the WDS tool from Silabs:
    Seems like they changed the file format since the last time I used it. The attached project file can be loaded with the latest version of WDS. I also attached a radio_config.h for the Si4467 that I created with this project file. I haven't tested the results though.
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