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  1. Dear Adrian, I tested the configuration file that you sent me for Si4467. But result is not better. However, in interrupt service routine for Rx data clock, I don't check CCA condition (clear channel assessment, it belongs to RSSI threshold in MODEM_RSSI_THRESH register. I always read Rx Data pin and decode data (check preamble, flag 0x7e, ...)). Dose it makes lost message? Thanks Adrian!
  2. Thanks Adrian! I'll try the configuration that you advise. I hope it is good as your dAISy HAT! P.s: I'm so impressive with your project! It's simple but it's so effective
  3. Hi Adrian, Thanks so much for your reply. I'll try the configuration. I also generate the configure from WDS, but some paramaters I can't know clearly. Is the file that you attached for dAISy HAT? Again, thanks so much, Adrian! P.s: I also transmitted message AIS successfully. However, I need fix some bugs (such as I only switch from Rx to Tx mode first time. The second switching is failed.) I'll publish it at here when I fix it.
  4. Hi Chicken, I start building the AIS receiver based on dAISy. I bought two dAISy HAT. Then, I removed MSP430 and connect SPI from STM32F7 discovery kit to handle Si4467. I use the radio_config.h to set up the registers. Unfortunately, it receives the messages from the nearby devices. Meanwhile, the other dAISy HAT obtains to 8 knots. The attached file is the configuration file for Si4467 that I refered from Github. How should I do to improve the distance? Tks! Si446x.h
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