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  1. Hey guys, I am trying to work with this library: http://forum.43oh.com/topic/2239-solved-dht22-temp-rh-one-wire-sensor-on-energia/?p=19474 To my knowledge, everything is configured correctly. I have confirmed that the device does work fine on an Arduino Uno with this resistor, 10k. I have also confirmed that it works with a 4.7k. It also works with both 3.3v and 5v. However, on the MSP430, using the above library (stock) the values I am getting are very wrong, for example: debug bits received 40 debug 27, 0, 11, 0, 38 =? 38 debug checksum ok debug RH% 9984 debug oC 4352 RH
  2. Note: I don't actually have anything physical yet, right now this is just a compilation of ideas. Hopefully, with your help, comments, and criticism I'll be able to forge this into something real and useful. First, a tiny bit of back story. I have always been interested in data collection, especially environmental. Be it in situ or remotely sensed, it fascinates me. Right now, I'm majoring in GIS and I've been spending a decent amount of time looking for all sorts of data to map and analyze. The two types of data I return to the most are stream/water quality data and weather/climate data.
  3. Yup, the jumpers are correctly oriented. And I think it may have corrected itself? Sorry to create all the fuss, I think I was panicking a bit and overreacted. I created a brand new project in CCS, used different code, and rebooted my computer and... As far as I can tell.. it works now? Yikes. I feel like a fool. :roll: Works with both the onboard LEDs and my breadboard, just as it had before.
  4. Hey all, I got my launchpad a few days ago, one of the new rev 1.5 ones even, and have been having a fun/incredibly frustrating time trying to learn C and get it to do things. So far my specialty has been in making the LED blink at various rates, and I'm making headway into using buttons. In any case, earlier today I dug out my old breadboarding stuff - jumpers and various components, and decided to try hooking it up to the launchpad. I took it off USB, unjumpered the two LEDs, ran three wires - one from GND, one from P1.0, and one from P1.6. The LEDs on the breadboard obviously shared t
  5. Hello all! I got my launchpad a few days ago (and may already have an issue with it - but that will be in another post) and have been having lots of fun with it, and figured this seemed like the right place to join up. I'm totally inexperienced with everything regarding software development, but have a good bit of experience with electronics in general, having built several radios as well as various projects with just TTL. I look forward to getting to know people and learning more about how to use these things! John
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