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  1. Dear Rei, I have checked it before. I set I2C port to 100kHz standard.
  2. Daer Rei, Yes, i have 4.7k pull-up resistors.
  3. Yep, I tried. I have 2 modules for each of them. All have same issue when works with tm4c. But they work well with arduino Uno/mega2560.
  4. Thank Rei for your infomations. Unfortunately, it still doesn't work. With am2315 i received all 0-byte and with ds1307 i received random bytes. I'm using Adafruit_AM2315 and rtclib libs.
  5. Dear Rei, Thank you for your reply. I don't think it is voltage problem. i already had a logic converter(GTL2003) which convert 3.3V to 5V. I tested I2C bus which arduino uno/mega. It works well.
  6. Hello everyone, I'm trying to use I2C0 on tm4c1294 to communicate with rtc ds1307/ am2315 but it doesn't work. I was tried read many threads about i2c issue on tiva c with no luck. Here are one of them: Have anyone successful using I2C on tiva C (tm4c1294ncpdt)? Guide me, pls.
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