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  1. I investigated a bit and indeed, the files I need are situated in "lpcc3200_core" folder. But now I can't compile it, there is an error at "lpcc3200_core" 's compilation ! This is the error : I tried to delete all imported Energia projects from CCS and import a new empty Energia sketch. Even doing that, lpcc3200_core can't compile properly. Also, I noticed that I have forgotten to give important information about my environment : - OS : Win 10 - CCS version : 6 - Compiler version : TI v16.9.3.LTS
  2. Hello, I'm not used to playing with C/C++ or even with compiled languages so maybe it'll be a dumb question but after a lot of research, I don't know what to do. I have an issue at compilation in a CCS project for CC3200 and I've already posted a question in the compiler section of TI's forum. I got help : I know now that my error is that I'm trying to use methods defined in a header file without having the corresponding source file in the project. So I am getting an "undefined symbol" error on theses methods, as you can see on the following screenshot. As I started my proj
  3. Hello all, I am a french student in development and I work on an IoT school project. As I am a web developer discovering the world of compiled languages, I came here seeking for a bit of help for my project. Long live development !
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