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  1. Gave that a try and was unable to find the BIN file - it didn't give me a folder location ("/sys/mcuimg.bin" - don't have a sys folder, so assume it's on the launchpad as I often see it in Uniflash logs) On the other hand, I stumbled across a menu option: Go to the Sketch menu. Select Export Completed Binary Check the Sketch's folder, grab your bin upload to Uniflash Is there any other step involved? I gave it a try but the sketch just locks up my launchpad and I have to disconnect/reconnect, format, program, flash SP, then flash it to something else - even flashing the sam
  2. I just had a Keanu moment after that - realizing that Energia, not CCS7 - whoa! You weren't kidding last week.
  3. You're a wizard and a scholar, sir. I thank you!
  4. @Rei Vilo My my CC3200MOD based PCB prototypes should be in my hand next week or the week after. Hooray! I know how to use a Launchpad's emulator to flash the PCB - though I haven't done it yet and can't be 100% certain I have the hang of it - and that should also allow me to trick Energia into treating the board normally. However, when I have the PCBs produced in larger quantities, is there a way to get a bin file of my Energia sketch for the assembler to flash the board? I know how to use the debugger, but can't find anything further (still looking).
  5. Rei - thank you for your insight. I think that giving Energia a try for at least the first iteration is worth my time. I'm very comfortable using it. I think the next step is to find out if I can successfully upload data to AWS IoT and go on from there.
  6. Good morning (or good evening)! First of all, if these questions are stupid, don't spare my feelings. I know better than anyone that I'm still new at this and I have thick skin. I've had a great deal of success writing my own sketches with Energia. It's fun, simple-to-use, and easy to explain to others, but I have a few questions: 1) is Energia suitable for firmware in a small commercial product or is it intended more as a rapid prototyping framework, with "permanent" firmware written in CC7? 2) When working with a PCB using the CC3200MOD, how would I flash my Energia sketc
  7. As far as using Energia is concerned, is there a significant difference between these two dev kits?
  8. Just a follow up - I've gotten a couple of replacement boards in, but I also got several CC3200s that I will use to learn Energia's ropes with before I branch off into the 3220. Thanks for the pointers ont he pins!
  9. Not so much a problem. I'm mainly interested in selecting an input pin for an SPSTNO and an output for an LED - I really like to start small and branch out from there because I'm a nob
  10. Good evening! Does anyone know if the pin layout for the CC3220 is the same as the CC3200? I'm trying to use code from an arduino sketch on the 3220 and if the pin layout is different, I need to look elsewhere for the cause of my problem
  11. Good evening and happy Memorial Day! I am new to micro-controllers, and to electronics in general, having spent my career in software. Recently, I gave myself a crash course in the basics of electronics components, soldering, bread boards, and the Arduino, though my goal has been to use the CC3220 for a few projects that deeply interest me. After giving Energia a try with my dev board, I'd like to thank you for developing this framework and this community, as I'm going to be able to go much father, much faster than I had ever hoped.
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