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    DrLou reacted to LiviuM in TM4C129 Connected Launchpad SPI Working?   
    it seems, the Arduino's SPI library has an SPISettings class and Energia's SPI library not. Some older version of the mfr522 library (version=1.1.8, for example) don't use the SPISettings class and compiles for TivaC.
    class SPISettings { public: SPISettings(uint32_t clock, uint8_t bitOrder, uint8_t dataMode) { if (__builtin_constant_p(clock)) { init_AlwaysInline(clock, bitOrder, dataMode); } else { init_MightInline(clock, bitOrder, dataMode); } } SPISettings() { init_AlwaysInline(4000000, MSBFIRST, SPI_MODE0); } private: void init_MightInline(uint32_t clock, uint8_t bitOrder, uint8_t dataMode) { init_AlwaysInline(clock, bitOrder, dataMode); } void init_AlwaysInline(uint32_t clock, uint8_t bitOrder, uint8_t dataMode) __attribute__((__always_inline__)) { // Clock settings are defined as follows. Note that this shows SPI2X ...  
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