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  1. Found it in /Users/drlou/Library/Energia15 - tks for getting me on track. OK, now the work begins!
  2. Well, I've managed to get a little bit further - testing on the MSP-430FR5969, but only get output of: Card detected 100110 , 100000 (repeatedly, in loop) even though there's no card anywhere in proximity! Did this by carefully adhering to pins_energia.h pin mappins for this specific card, in the IDE hardware section. Now, the big question: Even though the IDE recognizes the EK-TM4C129 - I've installed support for it - where is the corresponding pins_header file for this card? The TM4C129 is the ultimate target here anyway. And thanks for your feedback.
  3. OppaErich, Thanks for your great work here! I'm working to map it to an EK-TM4C129EXL - which card do you guys have this working on? Specifically, I'm hoping to connect to BoosterPack 1 connectors - which has plenty of labeled pinouts for SPI. Can you suggest a path forward? Where are the pin definitions in these projects? It appears I'd have to set const int NRSTPD = RST; - which obviously I cannot do directly.
  4. I'm encouraged that you guys have gotten this working! But, following guidance here to the letter, I'm still seeing messages below: .../Energia/libraries/rfid/src/MFRC522.h:333:43: error: 'SPISettings' does not name a type .../Energia/libraries/rfid/src/MFRC522.h:333:116: error: ISO C++ forbids declaration of 'spiSettings' with no type [-fpermissive] Have I missed something obvious?
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