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  1. Hello, guys. Thanks for your sharing. 300w DC 12v to AC 110v power inverter is the battery charger to me. Now I'm used to charge camera battery with this charger when camping outside or start a road trip with car. I like this charger since it is convenient and soft for us to take away. The another reason for me to recommend this charge is it easy to handle. Just connect it with car cigarette lighter charger outlet, then you can charge battery, shaver, laptop and phone quickly. Maybe you can catch more details about this power inverter on bestekmall. Hope this tip is useful to you. Best regards
  2. Nice post. But sorry to say that I have no experience about how to switch car battery in some way. The car charger for me is power inverter. I just used it to change DC to AC, so I used the tool - Bestek 300w DC 12v to AC 110v power inverter. It is much convenient to take away. If you want to catch more information about this tool, you can search Bestekmall on Google to get it. Hope this point is useful to you.
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