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  1. Hi Jsolarski, start simply is really the best idea. I got it running now: It wrote in the micro sd card and when I read it matched. This time not with "zeros". What was the problem: the supply voltage. Since I am using a shield for Arduino to interface the sd card, its supply was 5V, not 3.3V. What should be happening is that the writing and reading run perfectly but in 3.3V the current is not enough to write. Solved!🙂 When I placed the micro sd card in the computer adapter it could not read because there's no file system. Actually, this is still a problem I don't know how to s
  2. Hi Jsolarski, 1. Yes, it does have SPI interface. The SD.h library that comes in the SDK (Software Development Kit) transparently uses its SPI. And the library documentation says it internally points to a hardware specific implementation also the MISO, MOSI, CLK and CS pins which the SPI uses. I am using RTOS, then I am using the generic drivers from the SDK. 2. It seems those FAT libraries from the posts you suggested me is intended to be used with Energia, but I just checked the Energia website right now and they still do not support CC1352R family. The example code I used ha
  3. Hi everybody! Problem Description: I've been programming CC1352R platform lately. And I am realizing there are no many libraries for while. I need to implement the storage of my sensor data and I started to look for a library for using with an SD card. In the TI drivers, (from the SDK - Software Development Kit), there's a library SD.h. And in the examples folder for TI drivers there's an example which name is "sdraw". The first time I run this example It couldn't open the sd. First I sent a question on TI community: https://e2e.ti.com/support/wireless-connectivity/sub-1-ghz/f/156/p/
  4. Hi, Basically the only thing I need is to get the values such as current consumption, energy consumption to MSP430 in real time like the ones given by Energy Trace without using CCs. Because it provides only a graphical information. Not enough to be an input for a code in a host computer. I tried a solution given in this own forum and had problems during building, the steps taken are bellow, if you have another solution, please let me know. We try to build the project energy-trace-util to use the energy trace feature on ours msp without the need of CCS, but we had erros on compilin
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