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  1. Any one know where main() is defined when energy sketch is imported into cos 7.0???
  2. Just installed ccs update to Now When try to build imported energy sketch blink.ino get Buildfile generation error occurred.. Product 'energia' v18.0 is not currently installed and no compatible version is available. Please install this product or a compatible version. Build stopped.. So went to energy.nu and downloaded Mac OS X: Signed Binary release version 1.6.10E18 (8/11/2016) and installed. Same build error. Now WTF?
  3. Any resolution to problem of undefined main()?
  4. Do you know of a specific launchpad that does not have the undefined main() problem?
  5. Imported Blink without delay energia(v1.6.10E18) sketch into cos (v and build. Get linker error of undefined reference to 'main'. Have not been able to determine why main is not defined. I am using MSP-EXP432P401R Launchpad kit. Blink without delay works fine from Energia ide.
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