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  1. for datalogging in SD card which format type of SD card is allowed?? NTFS, FAT32 or FAT16 or any else??
  2. I also tried with root user but i cant change the file permission from read-only to read and write. But anyway thax for solving my problem. I LiviuM you have not solved my problem i would have always believed that we cant do data logging in SD card. Thax Yo.....
  3. Yes I see. The file log.txt is read-only file by default. So I think if I change it to read and write accessible from linux, it will work fine. I am trying to change read-only to read and write accessible but it is not changing somehow... Screencast 2017-05-26 18:08:02.mp4
  4. It gives me error when i compile...: petitfs:69: error: 'FA_WRITE' was not declared in this scope petitfs:69: error: 'FA_READ' was not declared in this scope
  5. YESSSSSSS............ It solved my problem yo... Thank you very much... now i dont get any error in my serial terminal screen.. It shows that it is writing some Hello to t_write.txt file. But nothing is getting written on the SD card. When i remove my SD card from the SD card shield and play it in my PC, the file is empty, both - t_read.txt and t_write. But still we are much closer for SD card datalogging... I also tried this code. which can continuously log the analog read signal to LOG.txt file. In teminal it shows that the analog read is getting writtten to SD card bu
  6. LiviumM thank you very much for support. But i still get error rc=6. I have connected my pins MSP SD card P2.6 1 - SS P3.1 MISO 2-MOSI GND 3-GND VCC 4-VCC P3.2 CLK 5-SCK GND ---- 6 P3.0 MOSI 7 MISO I am using 5529 Launchpad Code : /*----------------------------------------------------------------------*/ /* Petit FatFs sample project for generic uC (C)ChaN, 2010 */ /*----------------------------------------------------------------------*/ /* ported to Energia */ /* cop
  7. petitfs library is real shit... I am working for like a month and still cnt get any success...
  8. Code: /*----------------------------------------------------------------------*/ /* Petit FatFs sample project for generic uC (C)ChaN, 2010 */ /*----------------------------------------------------------------------*/ /* ported to Energia */ /* copy the two files t_read.txt and t_write.txt from the example folder in the root of the sd card*/ #include "SPI.h" #include "pfatfs.h" #define cs_pin 10 // chip select pin #define read_buffer 128 // size (in bytes) of read buffer uint16_t bw, br;//, i; char bu
  9. yes my quiestion is why i am getting error "Missing 'maintainer' from library in /media/hemang/586E740B6E73DFE4/msp/energia-1.6.10E18/libraries/SD" ??? what does it mean??
  10. I am getting error When i interchange MISO MOSI pins I get error what could be possibly wrong?? Thax in advance... Can someone give me your mobile number please I really want to solve this problem... I will pay 5 $ if anyone can solve my problem... Please help me...
  11. how did it helped you man?? please help me from error rc=6... thax...
  12. Information to Provide When Asking for Help: Model of LaunchPad used and revision number : MSP 430 launchpad v 1.5 Model of the MCU used : MSP 430 G 2553 Model of BoosterPack used or model of the sensor or actuator or screen : SD card directly via wires to pins of MSP Lp Optionally, links to the sensor or actuator or screen data sheet : NA Name and version of the IDE used : Energia IDE : 1.6.10 E 18 OS the IDE is running on : Linux Mint 18 Whenever possible, minimal code to replicate the issue /* SD card datalogger This e
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