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  1. Dear developers, I am simply using Serial.println(); command, but I get some weird characters in the serial port display window. Code : #include <Wire.h> // HIH6130 I2C address is 0x27(39) #define Addr 0x27 int tzero = 196; int tspan = 17; int hzero = 196; int hspan = 17; void setup() { Wire.setModule(1); Wire.begin(); pinMode(P1_3,OUTPUT); pinMode(P1_2,OUTPUT); pinMode(P1_6,OUTPUT); Serial.begin(9600); Serial.println("OK"); delay(300); } void loop() { unsigned int data[4]; // Start I2C Transmission Wire.beginTransmission(Addr); // Select data registe
  2. I don't know why but my energia is running very slow. All the other apps are running at good speed. I am using windows 10 64-bit version. I am using Energia V17. Pictures from my task manager are attached here, please take a look at it. Thax and peace.
  3. Does it work with MSP 430 Launchpad?? with MSP430G2553 or MSP430F5529??
  4. Code composer studio is not detecting my MSP Launchpad while Energia easily detects it and loads program on it. Does anyone know why CCS is not detecting Launchpad??
  5. Please guide me how to port a library for energia or create one myself. I want to create library for SD card and Adafruit GFX. I will share it on Github and in this forum afterwards. Thank you.
  6. Hello everyone, Does anyone have the link to download the library?? Thanks.
  7. Hey yo. I thought it would work but it is still not working. And guess what, I am a advance member now......yay....... You said I have wrong connections. Well I have connected Tx pin to Rx and Rx pin to Tx, Isn't it right bro??
  8. Yo man I found the solution, There is pin named TXD and RXD on the MSP's board. There is the signal is generated. But thax for your help.
  9. look man just forget about connection to PC, because arduino and MSP both are connected to PC through USB cable, Not using RS232 connection. And very basic question is why MSP is not able to develop any signal on TX pin while I am transmitting some data. however Arduino generates signal on TX pin when I try to transmit some data using same code.
  10. Arduino is connected to PC through USB cable and to MSP through TX/RX Pins. (to both at same time.) But When I transmit anything through Arduino, It shows on oscilloscope as well as on serial terminal. Why so?? So that in arduino we can intercept the serial signal and in MSP we cant. right??
  11. From Arduino's Serial terminal I should get "Hii" message but it is not showing anything. Infact I found that the MSP is just not transmitting anything by connecting Tx pin of MSP to oscilloscope and not getting any signal.
  12. Dear Developers, I want to send data from MSP430F5529 to my Arduino Nano through UART connection. But somehow it is not working filne. I have used voltage devider circuit to convert Arduino's 5V to MSP's 3.3V. Connection Arduino's RX -> MSP's TX Arduino's TX -> MSP's RX Ground of Both -> ground of voltage devicer. Code of Arduino : const int chipSelect = 10; String inByte = " "; void setup() { // initialize both serial ports: Serial.begin(9600); } void loop() { if(Serial.available()) { char b = Serial.read(); Serial.println(b); }
  13. Dear Engineers, Please help me send data to Arduino from my MSP430F5529 using SPI interface. I want to use SPI iterface because in future I want to use the modified code for Attiny13A instead of the Arduino Leonardo. Details are given below. Thank you for your support. Information to Provide When Asking for Help: Model of LaunchPad used and revision number : MSP430F5529 Launchpad Rev 1.6 & Arduino Leonardo Model of the MCU used : MSP430F5529 & ATMEGA32U4~AU at 15Mhz Name and version of the IDE used : Energia 1.6.10E18 & Ardduino IDE 1.8.2
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