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  1. Hi Adrian, thanks a lot for reply. I need to use the branch, because of the E10 module.... Maybe I try to merge the config ( because oft GPIO 2+3). If I would remove the RF switch oft my module, maybe it is possible to use the master path oft SW. Do you still sell the Booster Pack Modules? This would be a better entry point for my setup... Thank you very much! Sven
  2. Hi chicken, really great project. I bought one dAISy 2015, and it still performs well! Now I tried to setup the development environment to make some experiments. I followed the steps as described in the forum, but I failed to receive valid messages... I checked the setup couple of times, everything should be OK. My setup: MSP-EXP430G2 board (out of the box) with code composer studio 6.2 E10-M4463D module with changes of L,C,R,... like shown in forum 100k Pulldown on SDO and SDN dAISy-E10-M4463D branch SW I use a Ra
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