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  1. hint: information memory; easiest to use a segment other than A see SLAU208, Chapter 7.
  2. Message derives from lack of a "maintainer=" line in the library.properties file.
  3. v18 patch info is at http://forum.43oh.com/topic/9848-energia-1610r18-windows-7-launchpad-msp430g2553-dont-load-sketch/?p=74156
  4. here's a bare-bones sketch, developed with Energia 17 typedef volatile unsigned long reg_t; reg_t * pHIBCTL = (reg_t *)0x400fc010UL; // hibernation control, see datasheet page 505 void setup() { // set the pin for the red LED as OUTPUT pinMode(RED_LED, OUTPUT); // enable internal pullup for the pins connected to the pushbuttons pinMode(PF_0, INPUT_PULLUP); // SW2 and the /WAKE pin pinMode(PF_4, INPUT_PULLUP); // SW1 is connected to this pin } // end setup() void loop() { // flash LED at 4Hz digitalWrite(R
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