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  1. Hi NurseBob: Thank you for your feedback. My IAR SW version was IAR workbench for MSP430 7.10.(https://www.iar.com/iar-embedded-workbench/#!?architecture=MSP430). I posted some IAR setting file and connection file between MPS-FET and MSP430G2553. Can you give me some tip for me fix issue? Thanks.
  2. Thanks everyone. I am a new guy to use MSP430. I had bought one MSP-FET. I tried to use it in IAR Embedded Workbench for MSP430 7.10. My launchpad was MSPEXP430G2 with MSP430G2553 chipset. I connected FET to lauchpad by spy-by-wire(SBWTDIO,SBWTCK,GND). When I pressed download and debug buttom(ctrl+D), IAR was crash. Any tip for this issue?
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