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  1. Hello!

    In my own automation system I have to encrypt data transferred between sensor and main controller (data transfers via twisted pair).

    For this reason, I need a special devices - encryption gateways (one gateaway installs on sensor-side, another on controller-side). These gateways realize following algorithm:

    • Sensor-side:
    1. Receive some data from sensor (via discrete input);
    2. Encrypt data using AES;
    3. Transfer encrypted data to controller-side gateway.
    • Controller-side:
    1. Receive encrypted data from sensor-side gateway;
    2. Decrypt data;
    3. Transfer data to controller (via discrete output).

    So, I need MCU with hardware accelerated AES, LaunchPad kit and Energia IDE support.

    From MSP portfolio I have chosen two models: MSP432P401R and MSP430FR5994 (MSP430FR5969 and MSP430FR6989 also meet my criteria). What is the best solution suitable for me and my goal?

    Thank you for your help! :)

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