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  1. As a part of my university project I was trying to use Texas Instrument's TLV320AIC34 for sending a 8 channel Time Division Multiplexed ( TDM ) signal from another CODEC and trying to capture it from 4 different TLV320AIC34s with different offset. However, before doing 8 channel directly I was trying out the same with 2 channel data using a single TLV320AIC34. I have made these configurations : Master Clock, MCLK = 9.6 MHz Bit Select Clock, BCLK = 12.288 MHz Word Clock, WCLK = 48 kHz Data Offset = 0 Clock Configuration from AIC34 GUI: PLL Enbaled Clock Sourc
  2. @Rei Vilo Thanks again... Adafruit library works nicely with the Sensor that I have when I stack it on top of TM4C123GXL launch pad. But when I stack CC3100 WiFi Booster on top of launchpad and then put Sensor pack at the top it's not working. Can you tell me what else needs to be done?
  3. @Rei Vilo Thanks for your reply. I am not able to see any output on Serial monitor. The BOOSTXL SENSHUB that I have has Tmp006 temperature sensor. Would the tmp007 library still work on it or should I use some other library?
  4. I am using CC3100 and BOOSTXL-SENSHUB alongwith TM4C123GXL launchpad to build a project that senses the temperature and posts it to some server. Is there any energia library or sample code for BOOSTXL-SENSHUB sensor hub pack?
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