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  1. I commented out xtalenable() in wiring.c and adjusted DCOCTL and BCSCTL1 for proper frequency in energia only.It works and controller wakes up with nearly no delay as it was earlier. Thanks for help.
  2. Being a beginner, i am facing an issue with operating frequency of MSP430G2231(hereafter G2231) board in energia. If i am operating G2231 at 1MHz frequency, it takes nearly 2.5 sec to wake up from reset. In order to reduce this wake up(turn on time), i edited boards.txt (available in energia folder under hardware. File is attached) to operate at 16MHz. But it happened totally opposite and now it takes nearly 40sec to turn on from reset. Can someone point out my mistakes? I need to reduce this wake up time. If there is any other way to do it, kindly suggest me that. Thanks in advance.
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