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    I would like to seek help in programming MSP430G2201. That I am new to MCU field and it is my first attempt to work with these, I have used Launch Pad to program some flash on other MCU but while trying to do on MSP430G2201 I have not succeeded. My trial is enumerated below. I am using Launch pad to program MSP 430G2201 using TIDA-00386 remote code. Upon Build when I click on Debug message as below appears. Error connecting to the target: Could not find device (or device not supported) I have connected Vcc, Gnd, RST and TEST pins of 2201 to the Launch Pad J3. I checked and confirmed correct connections offor Vcc and Gnd on Pin # 14 and 1 of 2201 and so also the RST and TEST are connected correctly.. I have tried the above with CCS version 7 and earlier with version 6.2. Target device is correctly configured as MSP430G2201 in CCS, USB port is also configured. I have attached herewith two snap shots of wave forms of RST (Purple trace, channel 6 ) and TEST ( Grey trace channel 7). Both signals swing between 3.6 V and ground. I seek you help so as to know where I may be going wrong. Thanking you in anticipation. J. A.