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  1. Hi, yeah, sure... but the problem is inside SPI.transfer they have use SPI.send which is not the member of any class that's why i am getting error while compilation. So, please advise me how can i implement SPI transmission. Will you please give me any simple demo source code to implement SPI transmission (MISO,MOSI,SS,CLK) to transmit message. Below i enclosed the SPI library which ENERGIA have in their library. Please reply ASAP. Thanks and Regards ROHIT SPI.cpp SPI.h
  2. Hi, Will you please share me your for transmitting Message using SPI driver. I am unable to transmit message for cc3200 using spi driver.Any reference code related with this. Regards Rohit
  3. Hi, I am using CC3200 LaunchXL for configuring LORA semtech 1272 over SPI Driver. I searched a lot example or reference for cc3200 for transmitting message using SPI but unable to get for Energia IDE. I have code for Arduino Lora implementation but unable to run it on Energia. Kindly help me as soon as possible Thanks and regards Rohit
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