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  1. Hi I did post this on TIE2E but no one replied or suggested something... I am posting in places where someone who may have worked or can suggest something will read this... I have seen MSP430 microcontroller interfaced with TUSB3410 to accompish a debugger scenario... Here in my case I do not have MSP but I have only TUSB3410 and in it I am looking to toggle a GPIO pin... regards Bala
  2. Hi I purchased a TUSB3410PDK EVM kit. Also, I downloaded a USB-Serial port interface code from a open source site. By now i understand that the TUSB3410 boots out of a ROM code initially and then loads the code from EEPROM and passes control to the EEPROM code. The issue is if I just execute this code below.it does not toggle P3_3 pin why?. The other question is am i supposed to re-enumerate with the code that I got from opensource ... And if so does anyone here have experience with this open source bootcode... Note, I have got it compiled using SDCC and have tried putting the bin file into EEPROM and reset the connection but the device does not enumerate... Please help!!! void main(void) { int index; //bWDCSR = 0x2a; // this would disable the watchdog (tested!) * //bWDCSR |= WDCSR_WDT; while ( 1 ) { (* (char __xdata *)(0xFF9E))&=0xF7; //P3^=1; for (index=0;index<1000L;index++) { } (* (char __xdata *)(0xFF9E))|=0x08; //P3^=1; bWDCSR |= WDCSR_WDT; } }
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