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  1. iKlepto

    pin connectors for TM4C123

    Thanks, bluehash. The good news is I found the product I need. The bad news is my MasterCard has expired and I never got the new one. Going to be another two weeks according to the card people.
  2. iKlepto

    pin connectors for TM4C123

    Thanks, Fmilburn, but they're out of stock. I tried Adafruit and Digikey, but couldn't find any. Maybe I don't know what precisely to look for.
  3. iKlepto

    pin connectors for TM4C123

    Brand noob here. Wondering how the heck am I supposed to connect to the two male rows of pins on either side of this board? There's a female row underneath. Am I supposed to turn the thing over? Does Digikey or ? have some sort of clippy thing so I can use plain connector wire?