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  1. I'm creating a kind of Yak Bak for a project I'm working on for my small son. The basic idea is that I'll start recording audio when one button is pressed, and start playing it back when another has been pressed. My initial plan was to just use something like an msp430g2553's onboard ADC to sample a microphone, and play it back using a PWM output. From what I can tell, I should sample my audio at 8 kHz to satisfy the Nyquist theorem. It looks like an msp430g2553 (and all comparable processors I've looked at) have a maximum sampling rate of at most, 500 samples/second -- taken from the minimum conversion time listed in the msp430g2553 datasheet. Those two numbers are obviously not the same, which leads me to believe I'm going to run into issues. How would you guys recommend handling this? I could beef up my processor, but that might require a bit more soldering ability than I currently have. Or I could go with a standalone ADC chip, but I'll have to read the data in sometime, and I'm not convinced my processor would be able to keep up. Thanks!
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