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  1. i tried interfacing msp432 launchpad with ds18b20 temp sensor using latest onewire library example. I am not getting anything on the serial monitor. whereas if i interface with other TI launchpads it is working perfectly. kindly help me. thanks in advance..!
  2. I have a MSP430F5529 module and I have connected CC110 L module to it.. I have another CC3200 Module with CC110L. I wish to send the analog values measured by MSP430F5529 to the CC3200 through RF. Here is my transmitter code(MSP430F5539 and CC110L).. I tried to modify the existing Wireless example.. #include <SPI.h> #include <AIR430BoostFCC.h> #define CMD_OFF 0 #define CMD_ON 1 /** * sControl - control packet. */ struct sControl { unsigned char cmd1;unsigned char cmd; }; struct sControl txControl = { CMD_OFF }; // TX control packet struct sC
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