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  1. Hello it looks like I bumped into an issue which might be of interest, and needs to be investigated. I have a string of I2C devices running on i2C Bus on Arduino Mega (MCP4531 potti, LM-75 Temp sensor, 2x PCF 8575 I/Expanders). All running smooth. The next step I had to exchange the Mega with Tiva Stellaris Launchpad (EK-TM4C129E ), which I did, I havent changed anything on the setup besides the Mega2560 with Launchpad. While running the i2C scanner I saw, full Bus of devives. Furthermore I changed the i2C modules (0,1,2 with setModule()) nothing changed, same issue persists. Pull-ups var
  2. Hi Rei Vilo, the issue is with the Launchpad itself and not with DS1307 or any other device on a Bus. The I2c communication is somehow faulty on Launchpad, due to the fact that the same setup on Arduino Mega runs perfectly fine. When running the i2c scanner on launchpad it show dozens of devices on Bus, instead of just 4.
  3. Dear All, I'm havig here I2C mulfuctioning as well, on EK-TM4C129 4XL Launchpad. The I2C bus is wired with 1 KoHM resistors. I tested it on Arduino Mega, Uno same string of devices, works. On Launchpad does not. When I start a I2C scanner it shows me that there are dozens of devices on Bus, but in real just 4 devices. I tried above mentioned troublshooting and nothing really changed. any help highly appreciated
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