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  1. It wasn't helpful and moreover the original post was about something else . Therefore I felt it would make sense to create another thread .
  2. Hi , I am interfacing MSP430F5529 and SIM900A using energia software. I have tried the code using Arduino Uno before and it seemed to work fine. However when I try the same with msp430 , there is no output on the serial monitor. Few days back I came to know that there is a voltage mismatch between the msp430 output and sim900 input and as suggested by few members of the thread , I am supposed to use a voltage translator to convert the 3.3V output of the Msp430 board and then apply it to sim900A module. They recommended Rs232 for this purpose . I want to know the connection that'll be requ
  3. Hello guys , thanks for the suggestions above but I think I have figured out the error. I think there is a voltage mismatch .msp430f5529 gives a 3.3V output which isn't sufficient for the sim900A to work . So how can I translate that to 5V ?
  4. @@Fmilburn. I have tried as you suggested .the code uploads successfully ,however there is no output . The thingspeak account doesn't get updated .
  5. @@B@tto. When I run this code using Arduino Uno, it sends a Get request to thingspeak website , wherein the data collected by lm35 sensor is stored . The serial monitor doesn't show anything , which is fine because it is not supposed to show anything . However , when I run it using msp430f5529 and energia software , there is nothing in serial monitor and also the data doesn't get updated on thingspeak website .it just keeps running .I have checked my lm35 reading in energia , it is working fine , but the Get request is not being made . My guess is that the serial pins I have used may be wrong
  6. I am interfacing LM35 and SIM900 using MSP430F5529 board . For this purpose i am using Energia software . As we all know arduino code is compatible in Energia . Hence , I have used the same code that i used in Arduino Uno . The code works fine and i get my thingspeak channel updated with every HTTP request however , when i use Energia , it doesnt show any error , neither does it show/update my thingspeak channel . I had used Pin 7 and 8 for receiving and transmitting in Arduino . In Msp430 , I have used Pin P3.4 and P3.3 for receiving and transmitting . My Energia code is as follows -
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