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  1. So I commented out that line and it didn't do anything; I'm pretty sure I have a few other libraries that are not used. Last night I tried copying the contents of the GPIOIntRegister() into my code and it gave me the same thing. I've read some things where I may have to alter the vector table; but I'm not sure what or how or where. Thanks for the help thus far.
  2. Oh hey thanks, I was actually doing that originally but when I add in the line: GPIOIntRegister(GPIO_PORTB_BASE, intGPIOb); it will build without a problem but when I go to flash the processor I get this error. Without that line it flashes no problem; but obviously does not work. Is there another way to register the interrupt handler or is there more that I have to do to properly register it.? C:\SysGCC\arm-eabi\bin\arm-eabi-gdb.exe --interpreter mi D:\EmbeddedProject1\VisualGDB\Debug\EmbeddedProject1 -gdb-version =thread-group-added,id="i1" ~"GNU gdb (GDB) 7.12\n" ~"Copyright (C) 2016
  3. I am new to the TI development world, I'm coming from Atmel so I have a decent working background. I have been stuck on getting interrupts to work. Below is the code I'm currently working with; any help would be appreciated; thanks! Objective: Toggle LED on PF3 when the button on PB0 is pressed. #include <stdbool.h> #include <stdint.h> #include <inc/hw_memmap.h> #include <driverlib/debug.h> #include <driverlib/gpio.h> #include <driverlib/rom.h> #include <driverlib/sysctl.h> #include <tiva_device.h> #include "driverlib/interrupt.h" vola
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