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  1. @spirilis thanks for this amazing library! I was able to communicate arduino and msp430g2553, but just in this case: TX: ARDUINO RX: MSP If i put msp like tx and arduino RX, it doesn't work... why? and my second question is: how the power mode works? when it enter in sleep mode? how much current it spends in each mode? Sorry for my english..
  2. @@Fmilburn thanks for your reply.. i will look it and post here my results. I'm new in MSP and Energia, so i commit some mistakes.
  3. this 2 codes that i have posted are correct.. (attached above) the ENFR code is to ENERGIA ide and it is working. the second code (water flow) is to ARDUINO IDE. i have to integrate this two codes to work in energia.. i tried in several ways, but none worked.
  4. @@KeithB yes, i am using energia, but it didnt solve my problem :/
  5. i tried integrate the codes, but i receive this error code: error: 'pulseCounter' was not declared in this scope In arduino i didn't have to declare this... here, is my code: #include <SPI.h> #include <Enrf24.h> #include <nRF24L01.h> byte statusLed = 13; byte sensorInterrupt = 0; // 0 = digital pin 2 byte sensorPin = 2; // The hall-effect flow sensor outputs approximately 4.5 pulses per second per // litre/minute of flow. float calibrationFactor = 4.5; volatile byte pulseCount; float flowRate; unsigned int flowMilliLitres; unsigned long totalM
  6. Hi, everyone. First of all, sorry for my bad english hahaha I'm new in msp430 and energia, so i have a lot of doubts. I'm creating a water flow system, and i will use two nrf2401 module, a msp430, a rasp (central) and a water flow sensor. i have no idea how to integrate this. i have already installed NRF24 library, and now i need that the MSP430 read the sensor value and send this via RF to rasp. my doubt is in TX CODE I attached the original codes below. Now i need to integrate this two codes. Can anyone help me? huges I attached the original codes ENRF_-_TX_COD
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