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    ransher reacted to dubnet in xms432p401r becomes hot   
    If you read through some of the posts on E2E there may be a solution in terms of replacing the damaged part, but that may not be worth the cost or trouble. The other solution is to replace the board.
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    ransher reacted to energia in msp432p401r launchpad library for using with energia   
    @@KeithB, there is no SoftwareSerial support for the MSP432. You can however use Serial1.xyz() just as you do with Serial. Serial1's TX is located on pin 4 and RX on pin3.
    Please see the pinmap posted here: http://energia.nu/pin-maps/guide_msp432p401r/
    Note that baudrates lower than 9600 are currently not supported for the MSP432.
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