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  1. While it might in theory effect the operation, one of my LP's have the 32K crystal installed, and well I failed to look at the pin out for the booster, but communication isn't actually effected by it when using the demo application right out of the box without any modifications to the booster pack. :D


    And yes my crystal was soldered correctly as I did the LP Workshop and used their test code to make sure that I soldered it as intended. ;)



  2. https://estore.ti.com/TCA7408-5405EVM-E ... P2771.aspx


    The TCA7408-5405EVM is designed to show the used of multiple TI products on a single evaluation board. It shows how the single-wire 5-bit output expander TCA5405 is used to generate LED blinking functions. The Single wire interface is implemented using a single GPIO port on the MSP430, and very simple firmware embedded in the device. The TCA7408 GPIO expander is used to an input handler, that detects Key presses and notifies the MSP430. The EVM also has the TPL0401 that is used for RGB color mixing in conjunction with the TLC59108.




    * Works with MSP430 Launchpad

    * Illustrates the use of TPL0401 DPOT for color mixing

    * TCA7408 used for key press detection

    * Shows the use of Single wire self timed interface in TCA5405

    * Color mixing, LED blinking control

  3. So it looks like even ordering with TI estore there are two versions shipping concurrently for the same product?


    From the shipping info mine is from Texas (ver 1.5)


    Yes they are shipping out of Texas both versions at will. As someone who has done shipping/receiving I know exactly what happened. They have space for 2 boxes out in front of the shelf, and it just depends which one the guy happens to grab till the ones in the back filled with the newer 1.5's end up being the only ones left.


    Thing is Harte Hanks is the one actually shipping the LP's I think so they probably do not even know that the changes have been made as they are a shipping/direct marketing company not TI itself.


    Atleast other then manufacturing date, there is no actual reference to the version of the PCB on the boxes. So perhaps the guys shipping them do not even know of the change. Lord knows I've had that happen to me. :oops:



  4. I just received two Launchpad boards today (ordered a few days ago, IIRC) and they were version 1.4 boards (darn!!!)... Sent off a message to the TI eStore asking for an RMA and order fulfillment with the version 1.5 boards...


    You should spread the love and give them away to friends. That is what I did with my newly obtained 1.4 boards.

    My feeling is this, the more the msp430 community grows the more opportunities we have to grow with it. Just my 2 cents.

    Ignore as appropriate.




    I just got 2 new LaunchPads both version 1.4 as well. I've already given away one LP, will give these away to a new home as well. At $4.30, and for TI to send them to me by next day FedEx to Canada, I know its a relatively big loss leader and wouldn't feel right getting them to waste even more money about it since technically there is no way to specify if you want 1.4 or 1.5 so its like playing the lottery.



  5. One question about the male headers being easily damaged: doesn't that hold true for the new LP now? How is that better than having them on the daughter board?


    Generally (or atleast me and a few others) tend to keep our boards right side up, not upside down in storage. With a Arduino for example, you end up having to keep the "shields" in a upside down direction to keep them on the female headers instead of the male ones.


    If the male headers are being used to support the shield/booster you tend to have a tenancy that the legs will bend due to loading on the board (accidentally of course). However since female pins are one solid plastic unit, there is less of a tenancy to break or bend pins as you'd have to tear out the plastic from the soldered pins, which would mean it was more then a accident.



  6. I am a fan of male headers on the platform. And female to male cables can be had from Sparkfun etc.


    Male headers on the bottom of any PCB is lousy idea in my opinion. Too much risk for damage cause of it, where as female headers on the bottom of a PCB will generally act as legs and not bend, twist, or conduct onto the board.


    So far both digital Pot EVM's (such as the TPL0501EVM) come with female headers, as well as the CC110L modules. Even if TI is slow to set a standard, at least they are setting one that makes more sense then having a .160" gap between headers so regular prototyping PCB's cannot be used.



  7. Selling my Arduino and AVR items as a lot.





    Included are:


    • [*:3c2juw4r]1x Arduino Uno
      [*:3c2juw4r]2x SparkFun CAN-Bus Shields
      [*:3c2juw4r]1x SparkFun LCD
      [*:3c2juw4r]1x Illuminato Triple Extender Shield
      [*:3c2juw4r]1x ZigBee Shield
      [*:3c2juw4r]1x ZigBee Pro Series 1
      [*:3c2juw4r]3x Atmel ATmega644 uC
      [*:3c2juw4r]1x Atmel ATmega16 uC
      [*:3c2juw4r]1x Atmel AT90S8515 uC
      [*:3c2juw4r]3x Atmel ATtiny88 uC
      [*:3c2juw4r]2x Atmel ATmega48 uC
      [*:3c2juw4r]1x Atmel ATtiny85 uC
      [*:3c2juw4r]1x Atmel ISPmkII In System Programmer (Including 1x 6 to 8 pin Adapter, 1x 6pin cable and 1x 8pin cable)
      [*:3c2juw4r]1x Atmel STK500 (Including DB-9 Cable, missing the 10pin cables and other cables, which can be replaced from Sparkfun etc)


    All of it was working the last time I used any one item, just moved onto the MSP430 series of micro-controllers and figured I'd sell to fund purchasing some more MSP430 stuff (Chronos watch, booster packs etc).


    Make a offer.


    Thanks for looking.



  8. Hello, I am new to the MSP430, but I purchased a boosterpack set so I can experiment with them during my Christmas break as wireless development interests me. It is running off the SPI connection between the MSP430 and itself which is nice.


    I'll probably attempt to write my own SPI <-> CC110L library over the next few months. Wish me luck! :lol:



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