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  1. The base bootloader on the Arduino is at least 2Kb. Still, 16kB is good for many projects, plus we always have GCC if we need to use something else. But maybe TI will keep seeing the light and make it a 32kB code limit for CCS at the minimum at least for the Value Line chips. Jim
  2. MSP430G2755 would be a Atmega328 ender especially if they end up making it in a DIP package. Jim
  3. I'm reminded of Torvalds qoute on C++. Jim
  4. I was looking at the C2K Launchpad, and was sort of disappointed they didn't go with a board that uses CAN, so decided to possibly make my own. Any ways, I did not route the LIN ports yet, I should have, but as you can see, there is quite a bit of fudging along to make it all work. It is more or less pin compatible with the regular C2K LaunchPad, except I'm using the 2 NC pins on the lower right headers to break out the CAN pins. And using a JTAG port for programming and debugging. It won't let me upload .brd files so I attached them to my website: http://www.northernd.../fil
  5. I have a library here too with this footprint if you want ... Including a few other footprints like Aranan's A110L like in the boosterpack, OLED, LCD's etc. http://www.northernd...les/1 - Jim.lbr Jim
  6. It might not be, because the LCD wants 5V but the LaunchPad is only 3.6V barely enough to make a proper logical "1" signal. This will work with the LaunchPad http://www.ebay.com/itm/Character-LCD-M ... 4cf98350dd Jim
  7. I'm pretty sure, the GNDs need to be connected so the LCD and LaunchPad agree what the voltage levels are. Jim
  8. Might be a issue of using a 5V LCD with the 3.6V Launch Pad. Also ... check to make sure the GND of the LCD and the GND of the LaunchPad are connected together. Jim
  9. Thanks RobG, will send in the order tonight then! Jim
  10. But it should work with SeeedStudio none the less? Jim
  11. Tom, Its not a linear regulator, its just in a package suitable for use in where a 78XX type linear regulator would fit. It has a efficiency level of 82% when you input only 9V on the 3.3V version, and goes up from there the higher the input voltage. Most of my Web Bench designs were not that much better, and tended to be more limited on input voltage options. Jim
  12. Added a power supply 9 to 72V and it has a switch now to select whether the input is from the 2x5 header or the terminal connection. I hand routed it in this time oPossum Might be over kill and its a tad pricy but the 78XX compatible regulator I'm looking at is: V7803W-500R ( http://search.digikey.com/us/en/product ... ND/2757923 ) So you can put in from 9 to 72 V and its all self contained, just used the regular 78XX footprint from the library though so I'm thinking that hole really isn't needed but that is okay I think. The regulators data sheet says to place a diode abov
  13. The MSP is low power, so might as well try and keep our boosters from being power hogs with LED's hence why I left LED's out in the first place. Anyways here is the Schematic. Also added a termination resistor in case this is the last node in a line and you wanted something more permanent then Jerry rigging the resistor on the outside of the open connector. Jim booster.sch booster.brd
  14. On Second thought ... in case you don't want to be wasting power. Booster.brd
  15. Something like this? Jim Booster.brd
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