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  1. I see mention of a heater, could that be turning on and causing a glitch?
  2. ID looks to be a lot longer than 8 bytes. Are you overrunning things?
  3. Must be some buffering going on somewhere, maybe in your terminal program.
  4. I was going to say the same thing. But I will add: You can simply import your energia sketch into CCS and it will run with no issues. http://energia.nu/guide/import-energia-sketch-to-ccsv6/ You can get a full version of CCS 6 for free.
  5. One has attachments and the other does not.
  6. Well, somebody declared something: void dump_radio_status_to_serialport(uint8_t); just add: void pulseCounter(void); above setup(). Are you using Energia? because it should also generate the prototypes for you. There are some situations where the Arduino IDE gets it wrong, too.
  7. Thanks Rei! That did the trick. Are there plans to get the serial monitor in the IDE to listen to the right serial connection?
  8. Thanks, I kinda figured that I should do the ctrl-A ctrl-K thing from my perusal of the man page. It is just so much *easier* to hit the close button. 8^)
  9. Why are you forcing UARTA1_TX_ARRAY to be unsigned? Why not just a char? Then your problem will go away.
  10. So, Indeed YELLOW_LED controls the red LED on the board. 8^) But I still can't get serial on my Mac to work reliably. I have set the baud to 115200 (Launchpad and Energia Terminal). I have tried Serial and Serial1. I have tried both usbmodems that show up, I do have USB 3.0, but I have no control over that. I have also tried the macOSX screen command which turns a terminal session into a serial console. The kicker is, one time I *did* get serial output to show up using this method. I was printing to Serial and Serial1 at the time. So I modified it to do one or the other but never again
  11. How do you know it is not working? Try putting a delay(1000) and Serial.println("Hello, World!") at the end of setup.
  12. That is exactly what I did for the serial stuff. Did it work for you? Do you have a Mac and MSP432P401R?
  13. That pinout is obsolete. That is what I took LED1 from. It appears that "P1_0" is wrong, too. I thought 78 was a pin number on the board, not the chip.
  14. /* Blink without Delay Turns on and off a light emitting diode(LED) connected to a digital pin, without using the delay() function. This means that other code can run at the same time without being interrupted by the LED code. In MSP430 Launchpad, there is already an LED on the board that's attached to pin 14, so no hardware is needed for this example. created 2005 by David A. Mellis modified 8 Feb 2010 by Paul Stoffregen modified 27 Apr 2012 by Robert Wessels */ // Pin 14 has an LED connected on MSP430 boards, has a name 'GREEN_LED' in the code. // constants wo
  15. It means that you might actually get a "hello\n" in the String which won't match "hello". If you do strlen() - or the String equivalent - you can see that the string you are comparing is 6 or 7 characters, not the 5 in "hello". I use straight C string functions, so I can't tell you how to strip control characters in a String.
  16. You probably need to strip control characters. Do a strlen() or whatever the equivalent on a String is.
  17. I got blinky to work just fine with the RGB LED's on the MSP432P401R, but I could not get the single LED to flash. The Pin drawing implies it should be LED1, but that just gets me a not defined error. I also tried P1_0, but that did not work, either. So, In the interest of giving me a fish: What is the pin name of the single Red LED on the MSP432 board? In the interest of teaching me to fish: Where is the pins file for the 432 Launchpad on a Mac? I rooted around in the app bundle - spotlight was no help - but could not find it. Also, I could not get serial to work. I tried Serial
  18. Ah, I see. Sorry to be obtuse. Though a warning in the 432 boards setup page about which libraries don't work would be nice.
  19. From the docs (http://energia.nu/reference/libraries/) These libraries are included in the official release of Energia. Learn how to manage and import your libraries with this tutorial. .... SoftwareSerial
  20. Did you bother to read my post? Use the library manager and use the provided version for Energia.
  21. You need to use the library manager: http://energia.nu/guide/library-manager/
  22. Have you installed the 432 board support yet? A lot of these libraries are supplied with Energia, and arduino code should run with no issues.
  23. How many engineering positions have you had? I have worked for 4 companies since 1978. Do you enjoy writing? Yes I do. What tasks do you do that involve writing in your job position? Reports, presentations, emails, application notes, magazine articles, articles in technical journals. Do you use the writing formats/styles that you learned in school? Only for the more "formal" works like technical articles. My style is probably more "breezy" and informal than it should be. FOr example, I titled an application note "How to avoid getting burned by junction temperature."
  24. Actually, looking at it a little closer, did it fail to compile? Did you get the memory usage message? These all look like warnings that might not affect the final outcome.
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