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  1. @@spirilis



    2. Only 1 receive pipe is supported, the MultiCeiver stuff is not (truth is, it's extensible enough that I could add that in the future)

    3. Pipe#0 is always using its default (E7E7E7E7E7) address and any data coming in to that addr gets silently flushed.  I recommend not using the E7E7E7E7E7 address for any of your applications.  (This internally has to do with implementing AutoACK properly)



    First off, thanks a lot @@spirilis for this library and the examples, they are working flawlessly. I've been working with them on MSP432 and TM4C129 boards as well. But I am hoping to make a sensor network using the nrF boards with MSP432 and TM4C129, but without the MultiCeiverability, is there any way to establish a star network topology? I only want to make like 2, 3 nodes to connect with a central node to send and receive data. Or do you have a newer version of the Enrf24 library with the ability to open up multiple pipes?


    Thanks in advance!!

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