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    speed07 reacted to Rei Vilo in External power for MSP 432   
    If you look at the CC3100 data-sheet, you'll see the BoosterPack has its own regulator to deliver up to 350mA.
    So there is no need to duplicate the 3.3V rail. Providing 5V to the LaunchPad is enough.
    Read section 2.4 Power of the http://www.ti.com/tool/cc3100boost data-sheet.
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    speed07 reacted to Rei Vilo in External power for MSP 432   
    What kind of external power do you plan to use? What kind of connection? USB could power both, LP + BP.
    The CC3100 data-sheet has a whole section about how to power. See http://www.ti.com/tool/cc3100boost.
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    speed07 reacted to Rei Vilo in External power for MSP 432   
    Check the data-sheets for power consumption, especially the peek required by the CC3100 WiFi radio.
    5V and 3.3V power rails are exposed. Check the schematics for the connecting the external power correctly, and for isolating the programmer/emulator part.
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    speed07 reacted to energia in Problem while Interfacing CC3100BOOST with MSP432   
    You should not have to connect the USB on the boosterpack itself. Does the example Sketch File->Examples->04.Communication->ASCIITable show output in the Serial monitor. Also make sure that you have selected the right serial port and make sure that the baudrate in the Serial monitor matches the buadrate in the Sketch.
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    speed07 reacted to Fmilburn in [Energia Library] Ping4Pins: For 4-pins and 3-pins PING sensor   
    Hi @@SKS and welcome to 43oh
    It isn't clear to me from your description what the problem is but here are some suggestions:
    The SR04 is a 5V device.  You don't state what microcontroller you are using but most LaunchPads are 3.3V and are not 5V tolerant (although I believe the Tiva C in the original post is).  In any case, I would not hook up a 5V input to a LaunchPad pin as this can damage the pin in the worst case, or not give the desired results in the best case. The SR04 is a really simple device and a library isn't really necessary.  The basic algorithm is 1) initiate a ping, 2) measure the time it takes for it to return, and 3) calculate the distance knowing the speed of sound. Here is an Energia sketch that includes a description of a voltage divider to reduce voltage to 3.3 V: https://github.com/fmilburn3/Distance_Sensor_HC-SR04
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    speed07 reacted to Fmilburn in Ultrasonic Distance Sensor for vehicle   
    Hi @@speed07,
    The description in the link you provided states that the range is 2 cm to 450 cm which is similar to the inexpensive Chinese models.  You should not expect it to work well out to 4 meters.  The Chinese models I experimented with in small robots do "work" but have a relatively wide beam pattern that makes it hard to pick out objects and sometimes just giving spurious results.  Fun to play with but not reliable safety devices.  It will lack the rigorous testing and specifications of an automotive quality device - things like resistance to vibration, temperature, dust and dirt, moisture ....  
    It is interesting to see what the manufacturers are doing, e.g. http://newatlas.com/bmw-advanced-safety-concept-motorcycle/19119/
    EDIT:  Sorry, I should explain my thoughts better.  Here is a link on beam patterns: http://www.robot-electronics.co.uk/htm/sonar_faq.htm
    For the wider patterns, you may pick up unwanted lateral targets.  I found the models I had unreliable past about 2 meters and also if there was anything to the sides that might cause reflection.  Lidar is more accurate and more expensive.  Cameras are also used in the high end systems.
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    speed07 reacted to LiviuM in Frequency counting empty serial monitor   
    Where are you defining the input (counter) pin?
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    speed07 reacted to energia in Serial monitor error   
    There is an issue with MSP432 and baudrates < 115200. Energia 18 and 115200 does work however. It will be fixed in the next MSP432 core release.
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    speed07 got a reaction from energia in Serial monitor error   
    Thanks a lot, the problem is solved by using baud rate of 115200 with msp432 on energia V17
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    speed07 reacted to Fmilburn in Serial monitor error   
    There seems to be a problem with 9600 baud and possibly other baud rates on the MSP432 when using Energia.  Try Energia V17 at 115200 baud.
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    speed07 reacted to Rei Vilo in [Energia Library] RTOS Libraries for MSP432 on Energia MT   
    I'm exploring TI-RTOS and developing easy-to-use libraries for Energia MT.
    The idea is to encapsulate each RTOS element into a class. Up to now, I've implemented the following libraries:
    Event library with choice of event number Event_Id_00 ... Event_Id_31 Semaphore library Mailbox library Timer library
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    speed07 reacted to Rei Vilo in [Energia Library] RTOS Libraries for MSP432 on Energia MT   
    I've submitted three projects at Hackters.io about Energia Multi-Tasking and the Galaxia library.
    Multi-Tasking with Energia MT with Galaxia Library   How to run multiple tasks on a LaunchPad? We're using two different solutions, one standard and another based on the Galaxia library. By Rei Vilo .   
    Manage Single Resource with Energia MT and Galaxia     How to manage a single resource across multiple tasks? Semaphores come to the rescue. By Rei Vilo .    Send Data Across Tasks with Energia and Galaxia     How to send data across tasks? Mailbox can help! By Rei Vilo .    Feel free to click on Respect Project!
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