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  1. @Rei Vilo, I have 5 V and 3.3 V regulators setup with regulator ICs which are fed with a 12 V DC supply. I read in the document that while powering separately, we need to power the booster pack prior to the launchpad.So can I power the MSP launchpad with a 3.3 V and just plug in the boosterpack and place the jumpers so as to receive power from mcu. Thanks for the help, Sir.
  2. @@Rei Vilo ,So i shud be powering both the boards separately? Can the wifi boosterpack tap power directly from the msp launchpad?
  3. Hi all, I'm currently doing a project consisting of msp 432 launchpad along with cc3100 BOOST. I need help in powering the msp and boosterpack from an external supply.I have a a 5v and 3.3 v regulator with me. Please help.
  4. Thanks for the tips.I did blunder by connecting the USB to booster pack for charging the booster pack directly while keeping the jumper head in the position to tap power from the MCU. The program ran fine and output the data in the serial monitor when I connected the booster pack below the launchpad. I dont exactly know why, but connecting the boosterpack on the male jumpers on top of the board doesn't give me output always.
  5. Hello, I have recently bought cc3100 booster pack to use with msp432 and energia. I connected the boosterpack with the launchpad as shown in the attached pic below. I tried to run the sketch "SimpleWebServerWiFi" , as shown in the tutorial page of energia. I didn't press any switches on the boosterpack and simply connected it with the main board and powered it on and uploaded the example sketch after changing the ssid and password.But the serial monitor outputs nothing and the " " page does not load . Please help.
  6. Hi @@Fmilburn, Thanks for the detailed suggestion. I realise that my choice of sensor wont suffice the dynamic environments , maybe I should go for Lidar , basically I was hesitant to go for lidar as it is around 10 times the price of ultrasound sensors and I couldn't get one to try out for free. Are there any better ultrasound sensors? with beam pattern compensation maybe? Just curious
  7. Hi all, I'm building a project in which a sensor attached to a moving vehicle (a motor bike ) will give warning when its speed is above a certain limit and the distance between the vehicle and the vehicle in front of it is less than a safe value (say 4m). Can I use a basic Ultrasonic Distance Sensor for my project.I plan to use MSP432 launchpad for prototyping.Here is the link to the specific sensor that I plan to use. Does my choice work? If not can anyone please suggest me an alternative.
  8. Btw the the serial monitor is outputting 490 after explicitly declaring the interrupt pin as input in void setup().Thanks for the tip, LiviuM. // Frequency counter sketch, for measuring frequencies low enough to execute an interrupt for each cycle // Connect the frequency source to the INT0 pin (digital pin 2 on an Arduino Uno) volatile unsigned long firstPulseTime; volatile unsigned long lastPulseTime; volatile unsigned long numPulses; void isr() { unsigned long now = micros(); if (numPulses == 1) { firstPulseTime = now; } else { lastPulseTime = now; } ++numPulses; } voi
  9. I redefined the interrupt pin and now the serial monitor shows output as 0.00 but it should be showing 490Hz (PWM frequency), where have I gone wrong ?
  10. Hi all, I have recently found a sketch in arduino forum for frequency counting, which I tried running in MSP432 with energia and MSP430 with energia sketch on Code composer studio. The sketch basically counts the frequency using interrupts and prints the frequency on serial monitor but serial monitor is empty while running the program,.The sketch is as shown below, // Frequency counter sketch, for measuring frequencies low enough to execute an interrupt for each cycle // Connect the frequency source to the INT0 pin (digital pin 2 on an Arduino Uno) volatile unsigned long firstPulseTime;
  11. Thanks a lot, the problem is solved by using baud rate of 115200 with msp432 on energia V17
  12. Hi all, I'm using MSP432 with energia. I'm getting weird symbols in the serial monitor instead of the values sent through the Serial.print() function.I have seen these happening when the baud rate specified in code and serial monitor is not same, but this is happening when they are same.Please see the attached image and provide help.
  13. Hi all, I'm building a project in msp432 where I need to determine the speed of an object using doppler shift frequency based calculations.Is there any libraries or methods for calculating frequency precisely in the 1-100 Hz range?
  14. I'm new to msp432 , and thanks to you things are a lot more simpler.Is there a frequency counter library available? Or how can I implement frequency counting precisely in 0-100 Hz range for square wave i/p in msp432?
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