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  1. Hello @chicken, does dAISy support for receiving AIS Message 24 (Class B Static Data)? Regards, Nazmi
  2. Ok thanks for your suggestion. I think i will use attenuator for the antenna port. I will try it first. Regards, Rian
  3. No Chicken, It only worked once in the first trial. Is there the problem about transponder VHF antenna positioning or excessive power transmit by transponder? Thanks. -Rian
  4. Hi All, I have been develop dAISy using MSP430 and it worked when I tested dAISy in the coast. I tested dAISy in the case where there are many vessels in the coastal area. After that, I tested dAISy in the laboratory with single AIS Transponder that transmitted AIS signal every 3 minutes (because the transponder didn't move). I got the results that my dAISy couldn't receive AIS signal every time the transponder transmit AIS signal. dAISy only received a few of AIS data in the beginning of testing. But after that, dAISy couldn't receive anymore. I have been tested dAISy using MATSUTEC
  5. Hi Chicken! Finally I found the problem of my dAISy. It was the soldering pin between Si4362 and the PCB. I created PCB in the local supplier and soldered the Si4362 IC. Si4362 is soldered by smartphone reparation technician in my town. He didn't checked the IC pad in the PCB. Obviously, the masking of PCB was hit/impinged the IC pad in the PCB. It caused some pins of IC didn't sticked to the pad and radio_get_chip-status() was became hanging. Thanks Chicken. I will go to the next step: receive the real AIS signal. Wish me luck. Sincerely, Rian
  6. Halo Chicken! Thank you for your advices. It really helped me. I can solve some problem like radio_configuration() and ph_start(). But now, I'm stucking at radio_get_chip_status(0). Either radio_part_info() and radio_get_chip_status(0) hang. I have been checked the wiring and pin configuration for RADIO_CTS and RADIO_SDN. It was OK. Can you help me to find where the possibility problem now? How to ensure the RADIO_SDN is set to be low? By using 100kOhm resistor? Regards, Rian P.S.: I'm using Launchpad v1.5 and print the original dAISY's PCB design in GitHub.
  7. Hello All, I'm very impressed for the development of dAISy in this forum since 3 years ago. But I just started to built my own dAISy and Launchpad MSP430G2553 as below. https://nazmibojan.wordpress.com/2017/01/30/ais-receiver/ I need help to finish this dAISy soon My dAISy stopped running at radio_configuration() function was executed. If I remove dAISy from Launchpad, it works and launchpad gave red led blinking sign. But when I attached dAISy to Launchpad, it didn't even show any sign (including red blinking for error get chip status). Can you help me where the problem is? (
  8. Thanks Michael! It was very helpful. Regards, Rian
  9. Thanks for the fast response StrangerM! I didn't know that MSP430 has the different way to set the system clock before. Btw, I have another question. In your hardware configuration, do the pin configuration still like this: SEL -> P1.4 (SPI chip select) SCLK -> P1.5 (SPI CLK) SDO -> P1.6 (SPI MISO) SDI -> P1.7 (SPI MOSI) GPIO0 -> P2.0 (I/O unused) GPIO1 -> P2.1 (I/O clear-to-send) GPIO2 -> P2.2 (I/O RX clock) GPIO3 -> P2.3 (I/O RX data) SDN -> P2.4 (shutdown / reset) IRQ -> P2.5 (I/O channel-clear) Because I see a little difference configuration in pin co
  10. Hello StrangerM! I just want to configure my own dAISy using Si4362 and Energia based on your code. But I have one question, why did you comment this part? // configure WDT WDTCTL = WDTPW | WDTHOLD; // stop watch dog timer // set clock to 16MHz BCSCTL1 = CALBC1_16MHZ; DCOCTL = CALDCO_16MHZ; BCSCTL2 = 0; // MCLK and SMCLK = DCO = 16MHz How did you ensure the MSP430 clock's 16 MHz? Regards, Rian
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