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  1. Thank you for your feedback. Apparently, I have solved this problem by updating the new boards. It could be during that time I have not received fully file uploaded due to whatever reason which is I am not sure about what actually happened during file uploading.
  2. Thank you. 2 days ago it can be downloaded easily.
  3. During update board MSP432P for red, the installation process very slow or is it stuck.
  4. yes all connected. When I try to update, this message always appeared package_index.jason file signature verification failed.
  5. Energia: 1.6.10E18 (Windows 10), Board: "LaunchPad w/ msp432 EMT (48MHz)" C:\Users\L\Downloads\energia-1.6.10E18\arduino-builder -dump-prefs -logger=machine -hardware "C:\Users\L\Downloads\energia-1.6.10E18\hardware" -hardware "C:\Users\L\AppData\Local\Energia15\packages" -tools "C:\Users\L\Downloads\energia-1.6.10E18\tools-builder" -tools "C:\Users\L\Downloads\energia-1.6.10E18\hardware\tools\msp430" -tools "C:\Users\L\AppData\Local\Energia15\packages" -built-in-libraries "C:\Users\L\Downloads\energia-1.6.10E18\libraries" -libraries "C:\Users\L\Documents\Energia\libraries" -fqbn=energia:
  6. Still in progress, at this moment I can download and run immediately with TM4C1294 and MSP430 by using Energia ver 18.
  7. Dear All, Any update regarding on this issue? Thanks. Come on Energia!
  8. I have this error lately, please give some suggestion. My target launchpad is TM4C1294 and Ide is Energia 18. For your info I use this many times without any problem. I also manage to use with MSP 430 and TM4C123. Energia: 1.6.10E18 (Windows 10), Board: "LaunchPad (Tiva C) w/ tm4c129 (120MHz)" Thank you very much. Error during uploading to TM4C1294.txt
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