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  1. Yeah, the current draw is not that high, might as well put a LM1117 there, with 250µA peak draw it's less than half a watt to dissipate, shouldn't even get hot. I'm having trouble finding the maximum impedance for ADC in the g2452 datasheet, I'm thinking 100K linear pots would do the job?
  2. Thanks, I'm glad to be here) I won't be using the launchpad itself in the final product, only as for debugging and flashing the MCU. I will make a pcb and mount it to the 5.25" dummy with pots on the outside, hopefully nice and tidy) As for the temp sensors, I might fiddle around and make use of motherboards temp sensors in the future by connecting this contraption via COM port and writing some software to manipulate fan speeds from Windows, but that's a long shot, for now I just want to be able to manually dial in the speed to decrease the noise when I'm not pushing my machine that hard
  3. So I have my MSP430 launchpad with g2553 and g2452 lying around for year now and finally have a reason to use it. I'm a total noob (I mean I programmed some assembler and C in college and know some basic stuff about MCUs but never actually put it to use), but my for my first project I've picked a tough one. That way I'll be challenged and won't get bored. So I've just bought a motherboard that only has 2 fan connectors on it, but I need at least 4 of those, so I decided to make a fan controller. I could just use some 7805s but what's the fun in that? The idea is to use the inferior msp43
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