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  1. Me too, my C class is 20 years away from me.
  2. Hi ! The third parameter of my function, which is an unsigned int, always gets the value of 0 when the function is called, although I passed another value to it. void writeGraphicToLCD(char *byte, unsigned char transform, unsigned int blocksize) writeGraphicToLCD(testBlock2, NONE, 8); I am pulling the hair of my head trying to figure why it is doing this.
  3. That is something in the like of what I want to do, thanks !
  4. Hi ! So I got the interrupt working for the buttons. Now I would like to check which one was pressed in the interrupt routine. I read that I can use a Mask to determine which one was pressed, but it does not work. The two IF are always executed. #pragma vector = PORT1_VECTOR __interrupt void InterruptVectorPort1() { unsigned char flags = P1IFG & P1IE; if (flags & 0x10) { P1IFG &= ~0x10; message1++; } if (flags & 0x20) { P1IFG &= ~0x20; currentHours = 0; currentMinutes = 0; currentSeconds = 0;
  5. Hi ! I'm new and I did search a bit but with the millions of results, it was hard for me to check them all to see if one would answer my request. I would like to implement a simple 2 level menu using my MSP430. Something very simple to learn how it is done. I would like to display a variable value on the 16x2 LCD on the first row (easy part I can already do this) I would like to use 1 push button to scroll down options which are displayed on the second row all the time. I would like to use a second push button to select the option The selected option will go to the next menu
  6. Hi there, I've decided to dig up my (now old) MSP430 launchpad 1.4. I had never taken the time to actually make micro controller-based project. I have studied programming in C a long time ago, and I think I'm pretty ok. I can find my way in code examples. I made a first project with it. It is a clock, that is not adjustable, neither settable, but it keeps time using the 32khz crystal and displays it on a 16x2 lcd.
  7. OK. BEcause I ran into this issue just today on my W10 machine and solved it doing this.
  8. Make sure in the Tools->Programmer you have dslite selected and NOT rf2500
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