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  1. First boards sent out! THANKS USPS Priority Shipping + packaging is as follows: 1-2 PCBs $8 3-4 PCBs $14 This comes with tracking.
  2. I forgot I hadn't put a picture of the back the PCB with the Transducers and Speaker and battery connector. Thread has been updated.
  3. I'm going to give these things out FREE for the cost of shipping. Just send me your address and I will send you a few once you pay for shipping with Paypal. Make sure you give me your Paypal address in the PM. Just want to get rid of them and it would be a waste to e-trash them....
  4. Sorry for the delay in posting more details. Been pretty busy with other work. Here are the schematics and BOM. https://files.jiffytechnologies.com/owncloud/index.php/s/3XCr1r8yD7EUApv
  5. The pressure sensors output are only .5 volts full range so they are amplified by an op amp. There are two pressure inputs. They are linear and should be calibrated in software to 0 and 300 mmHg for best use. I have found some default values that are good for most applications but for best sensitivity calibration is best. They both set 0 pressure to atmosphere and then compare to that. If you wanted to compare to different values at once you can use them together for read two separate values. The mosfets can switch about 500 maH each at around 6 volts. The mosfets are protected with a d
  6. Unfortunately the boards are already made and assembled. It was for a failed project and these board have been sitting for several years not being used. I figured better to let the community use them for cheap than to scrap them. I will have more complete data of the PCBA after Christmas. BTW I was only thinking about $5 a PCBA + shipping. Of course bundles and or someone that wants a lot of boards could get them for cheaper. I am trying to think of some good home automation project they might work well for.
  7. You are correct on the PN being 149. One of the chips I looked at the silkscreen was not very clear. Another one was much better. The Pressure Sensors are ABP300. I attached the datasheet to the post. They are good to about 5.5psi. I have more docs, let me compile them and upload them. ABP300T datasheet.PDF
  8. Hello all. I got my hands on 100+ PCBs with M430F140 CPU and trying to figure out what to do with them? It has a programming header, 4 Buttons,8 LEDs, 4 Mofsets (6 volt), Battery Input, DC input, 2 Low pressure air transducers (1 psi max) and a buzzer. Seems like a cool little board. I also have full schematics. If anyone is interested in some for a project, Please PM me here. Thanks Tim
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