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  1. You mean if you send wrong password you can resend only password, dont you? but if you also send wrong ssid, i think we should resend all
  2. So I think webserver only work on AP mode. If we turn to STA mode, we can't change webserver
  3. So you can add role = ROLE_STA; at the begin of the WiFi.begin(ssid, passwd) function in /hardware/cc3200/.../libraries/WiFi.cpp https://github.com/energia/cc3200-core/commit/3fb821c24d11b3078963dc3c06f8ddcb0a3cfd9d
  4. I try to switch ap mode to sta mode but it seem to be freezed. Can anybody help me Here is my code #include "Energia.h" // Include application, user and local libraries #ifndef __CC3200R1M1RGC__ #include <SPI.h> // Do not include SPI for CC3200 LaunchPad #endif #include <WiFi.h> extern "C" { #include "utility/udma_if.h" #include "utility/simplelink.h" } // Define structures and classes // Define variables and constants char wifi_name[] = "energia"; char wifi_password[] = "launchpad"; char ssid[15], passwd[15]; WiFiServer myServer(80); uint8_t oldCo
  5. I have the same problem and i fix like PabloIT and your switchToSTA function but my code don't work directly =(((
  6. Hi everyone and PabloIT, I try to switch ap to sta mode like you but my code doesn't work right, the cc3200 doesn't connect to my home's wifi Here is my code
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