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  1. I deleted everything and reinstalled (unzipped) Energia to the path you suggested but it still didn't work. Instead of the ezFET-Lite drivers, I installed the fetdrivers from TI's website. That did the trick. All is well and sketches are uploading. Thanks again!
  2. Hi all. Newb here. I just picked up (5) MSP-EXP430F5529LP's on a whim while placing an order for Arduino swag. MCM is blowing them out at $4 a piece so I figured I have nothing to lose and will enjoy the new experience. Of course, I'm running into issues. Most of the tutorials on Energia are for older versions and have a few different options. Anyway, I am just starting out with these boards and I believe I have downloaded and installed all necessary drivers and software. Energia sees the Launchpad and gives me the 2 com ports as it should. I open the "Blink" example sketch, click Upload,
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