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    PWM from ADC joystick

    Hello, I am trying to control the brightness of an LED by setting a PWM with a ADC joystick. It can go up or right, to increase brightness, and it can go left or down to control brightness. I can set it to work if I just read up and down, or just read left and right. But I can't figure out how to control the ADC10 control registers to read both x and y values from the joystick. //#include <msp430.h> #include <msp430g2553.h> /* * main.c */ void main(void) { //int adcValue; WDTCTL = WDTPW | WDTHOLD; // Stop watchdog timer //This is ADC10 control register //4th bit turns on ADC //11 and 12 sets "16
  2. alexisfire02

    Hello from Wyoming

    Hello. New to programming and the MSP430. Been an electronics tech for 12 years, but just decided to go back to school to be a computer engineer. Looking forward to learning as much as possible! Brady