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    Hello, thanks for the quick response.   I did place the library at top.   It seems that the problem is within E18, as neither of the two SPI examples did compile. I had a E17 zip, so used it instead and it compiled like a charm. Thanks, will share any update on my project here, as I'm planning to do a parking access with the C3200, the RDIF card reader, and a 7 segment 4 digit display for counting the slots availables and a H bridge for controlling a stepper to give access.
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    sinquito reacted to Fmilburn in RFID Booster Pack for CC3200   
    Hi @@sinquito and welcome to 43oh....
    First, try placing
    #include <SPI.h>  at the beginning of the sketch
    Second, I developed this sketch and tested it in Energia 16 and 17.  I haven't tried it in Energia 18 and don't have a working CC3200 at the moment.  If  #include <SPI.h> doesn't work then try it with Energia 17.
    Let us know if either of these solutions work...
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    sinquito reacted to Fmilburn in RFID Booster Pack for CC3200   
    I put together a prototype Booster Pack that attaches to the CC3200 and has a RFID-RC522 card (sometimes called a MIFARE module), two buttons, and two LEDs.  The CC3200 is connected to the cloud using Temboo.  Currently it sends an email to me with information on the card used when accessed but it would be easy to modify to record time of access, card used, etc and put it into say a spreadsheet.  This was a one afternoon plus an evening project for both hardware and software using  Energia - very easy to do.  The cards have security holes but I am pretty sure they pose too high a technical challenge for my local hooligans.  I'm more afraid they might rip it apart and take my CC3200 than anything else.
    This is the Booster Pack, top view.

    Here it is attached to an upside down CC3200.

    In this photo it has been mounted in an enclosure and is reporting a successful read and transmission with the green LED.

    And if you are really interested, here is the schematic.

    I am using the RFID library located here.  And if you aren't familiar with Temboo, find it here.
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