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  1. Thanks @@LiviuM, I'll give that a try....I think part of the problem I was having with this approach before was that in V18, there isn't a library folder for my board, only for the 430. There is a hardware folder for the cc3200 in V17. So thanks again @@Fmilburn for suggesting that I go back a version. Also @@Fmilburn, I do remember seeing that project. I might be able to scavenge some code from there, too. I'm not looking to automate anything, though. The kiln already has a microcontroller based system for that...and I do not want to hook a 2200 degree F appliance to the IOT. Thank
  2. Alright, thanks for the tip on using tabs in Energia...I gave it a quick try and it seems to be working. I also downloaded V17 to give it a try. I'll keep both versions around for now and see which works better for me. Off to learn more.... Thanks!
  3. Thanks for looking at this Fmilburn... Given that these are the libraries I can find, I was ready to work on porting them to the 3200, but was naively thinking that this would mostly involve pin assignments. Again, this might be so basic that I'm missing something but my real problem is understanding how to "save" a library file. I'm only working with Energia and have no other coding experience. Do I need another code editor program in order to save files as .h or .cpp files? When I have done this within Energia, it throws up error messages when I try to compile. Specifically, what I'm do
  4. Thanks Fmilburn, for the welcome and for the tip!
  5. Hey all, I'm very new to programming microcontrollers so I'm hoping I'm not going to be too annoying around here. I've done my best to seek out solutions to my problems here and elsewhere without luck. I need some guidance. Here's what I'm using: CC3200-LAUNCHXL Revision 4.1-B with 430BOOST-ADS1118 revision 1.1 I'm programming it with energia-1.6.10E18 on a Windows 7 64 bit Dell As per the Energia.nu site, I have upgraded the firmware and reformatted the flash memory. I have loaded several example sketches with Energia successfully to test the WiFi and other features and every
  6. Hi I'm very new to micro controllers and programming, but I'm diving right in with a cc3200. I'm trying my best to find answers on my own, but I'll be asking some pretty basic ones here soon. I'm very glad that this forum is here as a resource!
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