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  1. PratikshaBhuta

    MSP430f5528 with CC2500

    hi i have written an example code to transmit data is it correct ?? please check #include<msp430.h> #include<msp430f5528.h> #include "include.h" #include<stdio.h> #include<math.h> ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// extern char paTable[]; extern int paTableLen; int test[10]; char txBuffer[4], received_ch; unsigned int i; /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// void main (void) { WDTCTL = WDTPW +WDTHOLD;// STOP WATCHDOG TIMER PMMCTL0 = PMMPW; //OPEN PMM MODULE PM5CTL0 &= ~LOCKLPM5; P4DIR |= BIT7; // Set P4.7 to output direction P4OUT &= ~BIT7; TI_CC_Wait(500); //software delay to give the CC2500 time to startup... TI_CC_SPISetup(); // Initialize SPI port TI_CC_PowerupResetCCxxxx(); // Reset CCxxxx __delay_cycles(100000); writeRFSettings(); // Write RF settings to config reg TI_CC_SPIWriteBurstReg(TI_CCxxx0_PATABLE, paTable, paTableLen);//Write PATABLE test[0]=TI_CC_SPIReadReg(TI_CCxxx0_IOCFG2); test[1]=TI_CC_SPIReadReg(TI_CCxxx0_IOCFG0); test[2]=TI_CC_SPIReadReg(TI_CCxxx0_PKTLEN); test[3]=TI_CC_SPIReadReg(TI_CCxxx0_PKTCTRL1); test[4]=TI_CC_SPIReadReg(TI_CCxxx0_PKTCTRL0); test[5]= TI_CC_SPIReadReg(TI_CCxxx0_ADDR); test[6]=TI_CC_SPIReadStatus(TI_CCxxx0_PARTNUM); test[7]=TI_CC_SPIReadStatus(TI_CCxxx0_VERSION); //// test to check if crystal is running or not if(test[0]==0x29) //0x29 i.e CHIP_RDYn (crystal test ) { puts("CC2500 initialized");///crystal running __delay_cycles(3000000); } else { puts("CC2500 not initialized");///crystal not running __delay_cycles(3000000); } //const char c= test[0]; // puts(c); while(1) { TI_CC_GDO0_PxIES |= TI_CC_GDO0_PIN; // Interrupt on falling edge (end of packet) TI_CC_GDO0_PxIFG &= ~TI_CC_GDO0_PIN; // Clear flag TI_CC_GDO0_PxIE |= TI_CC_GDO0_PIN; // Enable interrupt on end of packet TI_CC_SPIStrobe(TI_CCxxx0_SIDLE); TI_CC_SPIStrobe(TI_CCxxx0_STX);// Change state to TX, initiating data transfer txBuffer[0] = 2;//packet length txBuffer[1] = 0x01;//packet address txBuffer[2] = 0x41; //txBuffer[3] = "E"; // txBuffer[4] = "L"; // txBuffer[5] = "L"; // txBuffer[6] = "O"; RFSendPacket(txBuffer, 2);//send packet over RF __delay_cycles(10000); if (TI_CC_GDO0_PxIE |= TI_CC_GDO0_PIN) { puts("Data Transmitted"); __delay_cycles(3000000); } else { puts("Data not transmitted"); __delay_cycles(3000000); } }//while end }//main end thank you
  2. PratikshaBhuta

    MSP430f5528 with CC2500

    hi, i have designed a borad with msp430f5528 ans cc2500 , i want to communicate between 2 such devices using the transreceiver module cc2500 can yo help me with the code to transmit and receive data between two cc2500 module thank you