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  1. @ykaradana I will upload an EAGLE library for the CC1310 here to help anyone who needs this in the future. Specifically, it is the 128RHB version, but obviously it will work with any of the RHB variations. Hope it helps you. Cameron CC1310F128RHB.lbr
  2. @jpnorair @spirilis Hello! I am back quite a few months later with a finished 4 layer PCB which uses the CC1310F128RHBT. I currently using the programmer on the MSP432 LP to flash code to the chip. Uploading code from Energia while selecting the CC1310 LP board works just fine, but the code never executes properly. I have narrowed this down to an issue within the CC1310 LP board files. If I try to blink an LED on the board with some simple code, it uploads fine, but it doesn't blink the LED. In fact, using any kind of simple digitalWrite commands does not work. I think this is because the CC1
  3. Thanks for the pointers. I already have a 4-layer PCB design which has been built from TI reference designs and part datasheets. It has all the necessary components for the radio to work such as ground/power planes and the required decoupling caps/inductors. I wanted to be able to use it with a breadboard on the side without using the radio to test code that interacts with sensors. It seems like that will be a lot of work to pull off so I think I'll stick with debugging on my final board. Thanks, Cameron
  4. @@spirilis @@jpnorair I have gotten past that error as well by comparing and modifying the .lds @@jpnorair sent me and the one found in the CC1310F128 folder. TI-RTOS is really a pain in the ass. I finally got this error which appears to be hardware related and not software: Loading Program: /var/folders/wg/8ffwz6257k98qp1rmrrxwcj40000gq/T/builda6b0f927fed067f49cbe57f1047efa14.tmp/CC1310Blink.ino.elfPreparing ... .text: 0 of 29872 at 0x0 .text: 28672 of 29872 at 0x0: 85% .data: 0 of 88 at 0xffa8: 98% .data: 0 of 200 at 0x20000000: 98% .data: 0 of 244 at 0x20001ff0: 99% Finished: 99% Setting
  5. Could you also please confirm the transmit power in dBm for the CC1310F128RHBT? Thanks, Cameron
  6. @@spirilis @@jpnorair I could move to the F128 for prototyping, but I have already spent way way too much money on proto-advantage SMT to DIP adapters. I most likely will put the 128 in my final design and just stick with the F64 for prototyping. At least I know the chip will work on the final product. I have gone through and fixed about 7 errors now by renaming files changing flash size values and creating configurations. Now I am stuck on this, when I upload I get this error: "/Users/cameron/Library/Energia15/packages/energia/tools/arm-none-eabi-gcc/4.8.4-20140725/bin/../lib/gcc/arm-none-
  7. @@jpnorair I have done more research and have not been able to figure out why these files are so different. Do you have any ideas?
  8. @@jpnorair I don't think you sent the correct files. They are completely and entirely different. Here is a gist for the linker you sent: https://gist.github.com/cameronus/dfb95b369ac8d6aa5885458d8dbe512d (I removed the comment header to keep it shorter), and here is the one found in the Energia CC1310 Launchpad files: https://gist.github.com/cameronus/ee26a3e9df5565adcd2fabf48e7cf80f. If you could please help, I would appreciate it.
  9. I have tried this. It yields the error which can be found at this gist: https://gist.github.com/cameronus/5abd654d14445c8dc76f9665d14463c1 Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have still not been able to program my chip. Thanks, Cameron
  10. If you could send me the linker file that would be great.
  11. The CC1310 board option in Energia assumes that I am using the CC1310 Launchpad. The launchpad uses the CC1310F128RGZ, but I actually am using the CC1310F64RHBT. This means that the board is assuming it has more flash and RAM than it actually does. I want to edit the boards.txt file to match with the specs of my chip but I cannot find the correct numbers for my chip. There is also an issue with the pin mapping, because the F128RGZ has 48 pins while the F64RHBT has 32. Here the boards.txt for the CC1310 launchpad that needs to be adapted for the CC1310F64RHBT: menu.cpu=Processor LAUNCHXL_CC13
  12. Hello, I am looking for a working Eagle library for the CC1310F64RHBT. I am not experienced with creating .lbr files for Eagle, but after some googling I have produced a rough one which is based on a conversion from the Ultra Librarian .bxl format. If anyone has a working library that they already use, it would be super helpful if they could share it with me. Taking a look at the library attached below which I have produced and confirming that the SMD footprint will work would be super helpful. Thanks, Cameron CC1310F64RHB.lbr
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